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May 1999 Issue 1

NewtonOS Personal Data Sharing is a moving target.. no sooner than I can release a version are feature requests, suggestions, bug fixes, and innovative ideas pouring into my mailbox. Since you've shown more than average support for NPDS Development, I've decided to write 4•AA, a semi-monthly webzine in place of the "NPDS Cookbook" which was just WAY too static for anyone's tastes. I can get the latest dirt out to you much more easily than if I try to put out monolithic releases every once in a while.

Those of you who registered early on, please accept my most humble apologies for the delay in getting this rolling. Between NPDS bugs and my scientific career, I have been one busy boy. Now that the public knows about NPDS 2.0x, we'll be much more on track now.

In 4•AA, I'll show you the neatest things about NPDS.. stuff that other people don't know about or ideas nobody else has yet come up with. We're also going to try to meet some of the users of NPDS and find out how they use their Newton Server in their everyday lives. Also, you'll get the inside scoop on bugs, fixes, and have early access to new versions of NPDS components as I write them. Finally, for the programmers out there, we're going to, over the next few issues, walk through writing your own NPDS plugin for the Calls application.

I am looking for contributions to this 'zine from anyone who feels inclined.. I'll publish just about anything provided its of good quality and accurate, so if you'd like to write for us, let me know ASAP! Nothing ever gets done by sitting on one's hands :-)

Let's get to it!!