NPDS Tracker Servers

What is a Tracker Server?

Tracker servers provide a continually updated list of NPDS-enabled Newtons currently online and operating. Only NPDS servers that are properly registered using the Tracker Client module with appear listed on a tracker server.

Most of the time, there are at least a couple of tracker servers running. Occasionally, there is only a single tracker operating. Since tracker servers share their registration records in a network with each other, it’s always nice to have more than one up and running at any given time.

Port Number

The NPDS development team has been assigned an official port number by IANA for NPDS Tracker servers. The port to be used going forward is 3680. It is recommended that you update your Tracker Client settings to use this port number, as old port numbers will be phased out.

Tracker Server List

This is a list of tracker servers currently being operated and maintained by the NPDS commmunity.

If you would like to operate your own tracker server, please let us know.

Individual NPDS Servers

In addition to the NPDS-enabled Newtons listed on the tracker servers, there are often other independent servers which do not or cannot get tracked. This can be caused port filtering or other firewall restrictions on the host network. Regardless of the cause, we’ll try to list those servers here.