NPDS Software

Server Modules

Every NPDS module is available as a Newton package complete with source code (with the exception of the GIF Server). Since this site is used for release versions as well as development and legacy versions of the software, support is provided by the developers for the current versions only. See the full list of software modules for the current version numbers. Older releases are not officially supported. We’re better off spending time fixing bugs in the most recent releases than explaining workarounds for the old ones.


You can add functionality to the base NPDS software modules through server-side (SSI) scripting. Although these particular examples are not fully documented, you may find many of these scripts useful. Scripts are used in conjunction with the Script Editor package.

Reporting Bugs & Requesting Features

Paul Guyot has graciously set up a bug reporting and feature request database for tracking all manner of issues and wishes relating to NPDS. As Paul says, “It isn’t really pretty, but it’s functional”.